Plotter Project

Still in an early stage

Work in progress

Technical sketch catalogue 2x

A currently ongoing project to build a large size plotter. Mainly to be used with pens, but that could with some minor adjustments also be used with a cutting knife or laser.

Technology used

During this project I have so far been using multitude of open-source soft- and hardware, without these the project would not been possible.

So thank you:

• tinyG

• Cinder Framework

• InkScape

• OpenBuildPartStore [especially for V-Slot]

• CoolTerm

... and probably many more.

Current state

While most of the plotter is functional there is some adjustments that are needed before it's fully functional.

• Additional motor feed for Y axis to stabilise the X axis from flexing.

• New pen-holder with better pressure mechanism for more sensitive and self-adjusting height and pen pressure for uneven surfaces and/or sensitive pen tips.

• A flatter base plate for the paper to rest upon.

But it moves! As can be seen in video below (sorry for low video quality):




Special thanks to all these open-source software that makes the tedious process of webdevelopment into an effective and enjoyable experience.