125.388.986 Pixels & 171.184 Glyphs

Magazine to Book

Academic Work

A transformation from the medium of a magazine into the form of a book.

My approach was to deconstruct the magazine to its raw data, sorting it and then displaying it in it's pure ordered form. The magazine of my choice was a vintage Greek magazine about archeology that I accidentally found while walking the streets of The Hague.

This resulted in two books:

• A book of the magazine sorted.

• A book with the key to put the text of the magazine back into the original order.

The Books

The Glyphs

All glyphs of the magazine sorted first by category:

• Greek Glyphs

• Latin Glyphs

• Other Glyphs

• Spaces

Within these categories it was further sorted by unicode order.

Next to each glyph a number indicates its original position in the text of the magazine.

The use of the second book is to find the page number of a certain original position from the magazine. For example the first glyph of the magazine is on page 58.

The Pixels

As there were also images in the magazine these needed to be sorted too. A custom made program sorted all pixels of each image by lightness. This resulted in gradients consisting only of the pixels from the original images.




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