Blood Sweat Tears Diploma

Graduation Show 2013

Commercial Work

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands, is one of the oldest art academies in Europe, housing many internationally renowned departments such as the ArtScience Interfaculty and the Type and Media Master in Type Design.

The 2013 Graduation Show visual identity revolves around the toils and hardships which the graduating students had to overcome to gain their diploma. After years of studying, the students would now present their final projects, open to see for all public.

The path of becoming an artist, graduated from this renowned academy, is condensed into the motto:

Blood - Sweat - Tears - Diploma. Using bold typography, this motto is applied onto all branding elements, such as the posters, publication and website.


The identity was strong but simple, carried on the Blood Sweat Tears Diploma motto on everything from bags to flyers and posters.


Both A0 and two versions of the A2 posters printed in florescent green and black.

Flyer booklet

The flyer booklet carrying the essential information for the Graduation show and exhibition also folded out to a smaller version of the poster. Making it possible for people to advertise the flyer locally.


The extensive catalogue of the year 2013 graduates with over 500 pages full of images and text. The layout system is made so all work is shown nicely while allowing the multitude of style and aspect ratios that the images submitted by the students have.


A online catalogue for all students work. Can be seen live at




Special thanks to all these open-source software that makes the tedious process of webdevelopment into an effective and enjoyable experience.