KABK Alumni Website

Interactive database and Information portal

Commercial Work

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

A portal website developed to encompass all the information surrounding alumni of The Royal Academy of Art.

The website is not entirely complete due to lack of manpower to enter the data needed to complete the alumni database.

As always with websites it's better to experience it first place at <a href="http://alumni.kabk.nl" target="_blank">http://alumni.kabk.nl</a>.

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Home page

The home page is generated from all alumni relevant news, tweets and newsflashes and made into a digital poster.

Each time the page is loaded a new layout is generated, in the admin system each item can be calibrated by how important it is giving it higher odds to be given attention on the home page.

Alumni Catalogue

The alumni catalogue was originally a manually handled excel document.

I put it into a MySQL database, cleaned the data and standardised most data entries such as department, study direction and country codes. After that I collected other data from other sources such as graduation websites and catalogues.

This database is used both for the website as well as the alumni administration.

News portal




Special thanks to all these open-source software that makes the tedious process of webdevelopment into an effective and enjoyable experience.