The Natural Beauty

Aestetic Mimesis

Academic Work

In this experiment I explore the idea that our sense of aesthetics and beauty comes from us observing nature and then trying to recreate the shapes and structures from nature in art and other aesthetic practises.

By combining two fundamental natural structures in this case flocking (the way fish or birds move in large groups) and magnetism and letting them collide. Generating imagery with a combination of the geometric aesthetics of magnetism together but with an organic imperfection leaving weird aesthetic pieces coming straight from nature.


For my graduation, consisting of three projects, I made one poster for each project.

I screen printed a limited edition of these posters in three colours. Some are still for sale, for inquiries send me an email.

Video process

Do simulate these structures I first needed to have a mathematical model. Luckily there has been some very intelligent mathematicians that have figured out the models for both the magnetic and the animal group behavioural patterns.

I implemented a combination of multiple models into a custom made software. To see it running click on the video below:

Generated Images

Graduation Exhibition

This experiment was one of the three parts of my graduation project. All three projects tried to show the visitor the beauty behind structures usually unseen or considered too abstract. Hopefully opening up a new perspective upon the world around us.

You can find the other two graduation projects here:

The Perfect Language - Landscape of writers

The Genetic Narrative - Evolutionary Perspective

Technology used

In this project I used the Cinder Framework as part of my application development. Many thanks to the developers of that framework.

Further reading / exploring

If you find group movement behavior and/or natural geometric patterns generation interesting you can find out more about some of the theoretical background to this project by going to these links:

• Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters by Craig W. Reynolds

• Boids by Craig W. Reynolds

Collective Animal Behavior by Iain Couzin

• Ernst Chladni - Monoskop

• The Magnetic Field [PDF] by Gennady S. Cymbalyuk




Special thanks to all these open-source software that makes the tedious process of webdevelopment into an effective and enjoyable experience.